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To attract and above all retain your customers, a web page with professional photos is essential.

Contact me with your project, wish; I will know how to create portraits, reports and professional photos that suit you, and which will contribute to your professional success.

I work daily with architects, restaurants, hotels, real estate agencies and other companies. I produce reports, packshots and stylistic shots.

I specialize in portraits, reports and real estate photos, decoration and design. Industrial photographer, I work with architects, entrepreneurs, designers and managers.

I travel to France if the project requires it.

I am also a drone pilot, which allows me to carry out aerial services.


Whether you are an agency or an individual, if you sell or rent in Limousin, showcase your property with professional photos.

To complement my activity, to differentiate myself and to satisfy my customers, I also offer aerial services by drone, in Limoges, Limousin and even throughout France.

Each real estate session is unique, please contact me with your project to find out the prices.

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