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Hi, I am Iva!

I am a professional photographer in Amboise, situated between Tours and Blois, in Indre-Et_Loire.

And yes, I live right next to the most beautiful Chateau´s on the Loire river, right in the heart of the Loire Valley. 

I love people, so even if I am pretty good in industrial, architecture and culinary projects, I definitely thrive when I can meet and spend time with people from all over the world, coming and visiting our wonderful region. 

I want to offer you a unique photo session, that suits you, a session that you will love and above all photos of exceptional quality.

I do everything to ensure that my photos are different - whether in their quality, their aesthetic or technical aspect - but above all they are photos where you find yourself beautiful; where you are yourself.

I work on myself every day, and I take advantage of being trilingual to learn from the best photographers in the world, and therefore to be able to offer you the best.

I wish you a good visit to my site, and see you soon to create YOUR magical memories ♥

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